The Hector Peterson Court Luncheon Group

Hector Peterson Court
Housing Association for older people in Liverpool-run by Steve Biko Housing

The Elderly tenants  luncheon club was set up by the late Herbie Higgins MBE, himself a tenant and a leading figure who  had a passion for supporting community elders.

He devised and launched the Afro Caribbean and Friends Lunch club run by volunteers providing twice-weekly lunch club and many other activities, the club is thriving today and continues his legacy 21 years later.
I would like to thank Beverly Thompson for introducing the team and the project to the members.  Thank you to the members for sharing their invaluable memories.

The team were thrilled to be invited to such a warm and friendly group. We laughed with them and we cried with them. They all showed a tenderness for those times collectively and individually – as if in one voice we can hear them say “can we go back they were lovely times. We didn’t have much, but we had a lot of fun.

We felt safe then. We certainly don’t envy the youngsters of today – the cinemas opened their doors to us and in doing so took us to another world, we went in as children and came out as adults. Those picture palaces shaped us and made us what we are.

We were lucky that we had these magnificent buildings to spend our spare time in and spend our pocket money from our jam jars.

And we’ll never forget the stories from cowboys and Indians, epic war tales and those we cant remember because we were snogging in the back row. They didn’t have much but they had a lot of fun.

“And now we have memories that no one can take away from us”.


Really great for socialising and we used to come out of the cinemas with our duffel coats over our heads and play “Cowboys and Indians”
– to think!


“I used to go seven days a week and get the money of my dad”


“We had a lot of fun back in those days going to the cinemas and dancing, with the TV and Sky and that it’s not the same anymore”