The “John Archer” Group

John Archer Hall – Luncheon Club

John Archer, born in Liverpool, is a key figure in the story of the Black contribution in Briton in the early part of the 20th Century. It is said of him that ‘Mr Archer was a man of great integrity and sincerity […] originally thought to be the first Black Mayor in Britain and who championed the rights of the poor.’

The elders luncheon club was set up by Barbara Fitzgerald 6 years ago, her inspiration was to bring the elderly members of her community together and create an environment for them to socialise and prevent isolation.

The ladies and gentlemen of the club get together ever Monday, and happily gave up some of their social time to share memories of their cinema-going days.  “We didn’t have much but we had a lot of fun. As long as we had money to go to the pictures we were alright”

For the lucky residents living in the south end of Liverpool they had many cinemas they could choose from, but best of all was the luxurious Rialto. Holding competitions on Saturdays at the children’s matinee, sometimes, the prize was as big as a bike.

“Here they share their favorite cinemas, stars and films”


“I was engaged to an American who lived on the base in Warrington, we used to go to the Rialto cinema, until I saw him one night in the Chippie with another girl”


Good times then, really good times – oh well they gone forever I suppose”


We used to go on the back row. We went to the pictures because they’re was nothing else to do”

“We’d go whenever we could if we couldn’t afford it or we’d ask someone to take us”.

Before I went blind I used to go to the Rialto and the Granby


We used to go to the Granby and I remember I went to the Futurist once and didn’t realise it was an xrated nude film with me friend had gone to see