The “League of Welldoers” Group

The League of Welldoers

Herbert Lee Jackson Jones was born in Runcorn in 1868.  He was educated at Liverpool College, becoming proficient in art and wood engraving.

Although he’d given thought to a career in the church, he gave this up to devote his life to philanthropy, funding the ‘Liverpool Food Association’ in 1893, soon to be renamed the ‘Food and Betterment Association’ and then ‘The League of Welldoers in 1909.

Now a trip down memory lane – a nostalgic look back at how the pictures had – such an impact on so many lives and from people from all walks of life.

Whether is was the anticipation of going to the cinema the characters involved the movies themselves and the sad walk home – it’s all here in these happy, melancholy yet optimistic recollections from the wonderful Welldoers


“I remember my boyfriend’s friend  set off a fire work on the back seats in Kensington”


I used to go to the Park Palace and worked during the war making Wellington bombers and in an ammunition factory -we couldn’t tell anyone what we were doing”

“Lots of cinemas to go to. The Futurist had buskers entertaining you while you were waiting in the queue”


“I was with my dad when the sirens went off in the war”


“Vincent says that the first Al Jolson film had a major impact on his life”

Part 2 Al Jolson

Part 3 Al Jolson

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