MDI is one of the UK’s leading strategic dance organisations, whose mission is “inspiring people through dance”. From our Liverpool base we work with partners to create a healthy and vibrant infrastructure for dance.

Rachel Rogers and Jenifer Hale, together paved the way for our team to meet with the over 50 Movers (50+) dance group – a vibrant group of ladies.

Their delightful tales and memories have been captured for you to listen to and enjoy.

The dance group were inspired by the project and they asked if they could interpret the cinema days and create a dance performance to share with the various groups at their Christmas dinner party.

How different life was back in those golden years of cinema. Now hear some wonderful memories and let your imagination drift back, too.


“They were so luxurious. We used to ask strangers to take us in if we were under age.  I met George Harrison we were at a party and we were playing postman’s knock he asked me to go to the pictures but I turned him down”


“I used to live in Kensington used to go to the picture house there and was in the Palladium with my mum the day JKF was shot”


“I used to go with my mum and a neighbour and her daughter.  I still go I love the cinema”

“I remember the usherettes and being in awe of them and their big powerful torch”


We used to go to the Granby, the Picture House, the Rialto to the city centre cinemas”

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Cinema Histories - MDI


The 50’s Movers at the Launch of Picture Palace