Usherettes and Cashiers

Lost Cinemas of Liverpool – Peter Grant

Peter tells the story of the working life of our usherettes back in 1967.  The Liverpool Echo ran a story of a local girl Sandy Roberts from Everton.  As part of the Echo’s ‘light-hearted’ investigation they wanted to see how far usherettes actually walked during their working day.

He also tells us how Sandy, apart from being a full time house wife, she also worked in the Odeon – Lime Street, seven days a week, with one day off…every three weeks.

So, by strapping a pedometer to her foot at 6.30pm, they discovered that by 7pm the pedometer read nearly two miles.  The following hour she could relax a little as the rush of cinema goers dwindle, but still managed to cover another two miles at a slower pace.

From 8pm – 8.30pm the stream began again for the last programme and she clocked up another two miles.  As the usherettes were the ones with the torches, no sooner had she found one person their seat, it seemed that a dozen others wanted seating also.  Her pedometer at 10pm was showing that she had walked nearly 10 miles, her job still wasn’t done.

After the show had finished, as part of her duties she had to  check all the aisles making sure all was clean and collect anything that may have been left behind,  with one more task left to do she would help clean the staff room.

Eventually, at 11pm when her duties were done and she could go home the pedometer read 11 and a half miles.

Many envious female cinema goers said of the usherettes “No wonder a lot of these torch ladies were all slim, gorgeous and glamorous.


“I was an usherette for all of my working life”

“I worked as an usherette at the Odeon.  I would have liked to have been a projectionist”

“I remember the usherettes and being in awe of them and their big powerful torch”

Diane worked on the Advanced Bookings desk at the Futurist

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