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The Golden Age of Film, Reel Heroes at Sea

Reel Hereos at Sea
Reel Hereos at Sea

Cohiba Productions are building on their local heritage projects, Picture Palaces and Reel Heroes, to celebrate the role of cinema projectionists in bringing entertainment and news to the pleasure seekers on the Cunard Line. During the One Magnificent City Celebrations, Reel Heroes at Sea brings to the silver screen the memories of retired ‘at sea’ projectionists in a short film. The film describes the role of the projectionist, the history and role of the silver screen at sea and preserves the heritage of this important role who connected the audience and silver screen.

For a taster of what is to come…………

Picture PalacesLight Night Friday 15th May at the Everyman Theatre – Hope Street
We are excited to be showing a small section of our new film, ‘Reel Heroes at Sea,’ starring Alfred Mahon, who was the projectionist on the RMS Mauretania and narrated by film director, Alex Cox.
Alf remembers the night, when the Mauretania was caught in a mid Atlantic hurricane. Alf’s story is retold with historical archive footage of the Mauretania ship and her passengers sailing out of Liverpool.