The cinema as a place of popular mass entertainment towered over Liverpool in the first half of the last century. This has left us a rich legacy, not only of picture house buildings (rarely found in their original splendor, often altered and sometimes in a dismal state of neglect), but also of the glorious pictures made for an insatiable and loyal audience. Old black and white photographs, posters, handbills, programmes and lobby cards all bear witness to the fundamental role that cinema played in the lives of the working people of Liverpool.

The city was home to some of the North West’s most luxurious picture houses – havens of escapism adorning every district.

Lime Street’s Palais De Luxe, The Forum and The Scala were among the finest cinemas in a region well known for its affinity for moving pictures. A night at the flick was originally a ‘complete night out’.

The programme would include a number of long adverts, a news reel, a short film and finally the main feature, often accompanied by a live organ recital.

Extract taken from Nerve Magazine article with permission – written by Mark Langshaw
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