Granada –  East Prescot Road

Robert Wilkinson from Birkenhead sought planning permission to build a cinema on the Dovecot housing estate in January 1932.  It was supported by the fact this was an entirely new district with 1,000 corporation houses already built and approximately another 4,000 were to follow. It would be adjoined to a shopping area and was just 6 miles out of the city.

Situated in Dovecot the Granada Cinema would be an outpost of the entertainment industry.  It has a similar look to the Carlton in Tuebrook, the architect  A. E. Shannan designed them both, most noticeably the foyers and entrance.

The build cost a mere £40,000 and the style was fitting with the nearby properties.  It could seat 593 patrons on the balcony (the posh seats) and 1,210 in the stalls.  All the seats were covered in green Lister moquette ( carpet). The waiting lounges were plush too, the floor was covered in Marblcote, the columns and doors  tastefully painted in orange, red and black and the furnishings consisted of large green sofas with matching tables, the 3  large pendant lights added very much to the atmosphere. The auditorium was also impressive like all modern Super -Cinemas.

The Granada opened as a talkie theatre on Christmas Eve 1932 with a Mickey Mouse cartoon, Universal Talking News, commentary by RE Jeffrey, followed by Ideal Cinemagazine and Northern Lights, the screen version of Courtauld’s Arctic expedition.  The feature was The Rosary.

Tickets for the stalls were 5d, 7d, 9d and for the balcony/circle 1/- or 1/3 ( 1 shilling and 3 pence).

In the early days performances  were shown continuously,  double features and pathe news. Saturdays with the 3 distinct performances 3pm, 6.40pm, and 8.45pm.

In 1954 CinemaScope was installed and by the end of the 1950’s the audience declined.  Early 60’s  Bingo became popular and the Granada ran it’s last programme on 30th September 1961 with Gold Of The Seven Saints.  Reopening shortly afterwards as a Bingo Hall.

The Granada Cinema in Dovecot was another one we went to


“I used to go to the Granada on Saturdays and watch Billy the Kid, Flash Gordon, Zoro, Roy Rogers, “

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Cinemas - Dovecot - Granada

5 thoughts on “Dovecot”

  1. i lived at 27 somerford road ,this is only 100 yards from the cinema from 1955 till 1970,till the house was demolished due to settlement,we as kids had many great times in and out of the old granny,we lads would dare each other to climb up the drain pipes on the side of the building,i look at it now and shiver at the thought !!! saturdays matinees were the best,all the lads would come out and think we could fly(superman)or ride a horse (gene autry),,i cuddled my first girlfriend in the gran doorways,one night we leaned against the emergency door and it opened soon thirty kids were looking for pop corn ect..the police soon came …we saw nothing….the scariest film we ever watched was FLASH GORDON,,,ming ,zarcoff,dale and the dreaded MUD MEN..still scares me now..i watched an episode on sky the other day…..we would come out hoarse from booing the baddies..great days ..simpler times …tommy mac

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  2. Worked there from 1981 to 1986 , main stage caller for a few years then became the maintenance man for the building, loved the job and the people I worked with . Kevin


    1. Hi kevin. I wonder if you remember my dad..Bill Murray. He was the night security man at the Granada from the early 70s until Spring 1983 when he was made redundant. Dad passed away on 23rd March and Im J
      Just looking at where he worked.
      Thanks Kevin.


      1. Hi Tracey , yes I do remember mr Murray , I think he was made redundant because they had an alarm system installed in the building, sorry to hear he has passed away he was a nice man x


  3. Hi Kevin. Thank you so much for replying xx would be nice to hear a little more of your memories of the place. Don’t know if you are on fb?? I show as Tracey Ann if you are. I have memories of Dad working 6 nights every week…just Saturday night off. And he would bring me home bingo markers to colour with. So lovely to get your reply 😊😊 xx

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