Graphic Cinema * Cosy Cinema – Boaler Street

This small square building cost £15,000 and was erected in 1922.  Made mostly of brick and a little stone had two levels big enough to house an audience of 630.  It ran as a cinema for 36 years with a couple of different owners and lessees.

It was first called the Graphic Cinema and opened the doors on 12th May 1922. It was advertised as  the last word in cinema luxury, the most comfortable and ventilated hall in the district.

The cinema closed in March 1927 and reopened in May same year.  In 1932 the cinema was renamed the Cosy and in 1935 was run by the proprietors, Cosy Picture House (Liverpool) Ltd.  With continuous performances, admission fees 4d to 9d and a booking policy that included many leading films at later dates for 3 days only, sadly, it was the first to close in the area.

The final performances fell on 4th January 1958 with Zarak starring Victor Mature and Cha, Cha, Cha, Boom. The building was converted into a meat storage depot owned by ER Hughes.


“I always used to go with my mum and the lady up the road with her daughter I loved going to the cinema”

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Cinemas - Kensington - Graphic * Cosy


Kensington Picturedrome – Kensington

A purpose built cinema that had a audience capacity of 1050.  Fitted with tip-up seats and was described as effectively decorated.Admission fees were 6d and 1/- with Tea was served free of charge at matinees.  From 26th December 1910 performances were at 3pm, 7pm and 9pm.

This cinema installed Liverpool’s only expensive ‘Mirroroide’ screen in December 1910, it was acclaimed to provide the largest and the best picture in town.  The cinema was taken over and managed by John Reginald Dovenor in 1914 around the time the war outbreak.

1930 2nd June BTH sound system was installed and the advertisements read “The Talkies are Here!” featuring Gloria Swanson’s first “All Talking Dramatic Sensation”

In 1937 the cinema changed it’s name to the Kensington Cinema. 

CinemaScope films began with River of no Return on 27th June 1955 starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum.  The cinema closed on 6th December 1958 due to lack of attendances.  The last performance here was Wonderful Things starring Fankie Vaughan and also showing Johnny Bravo featuring Clint Walker.

Today it is currently a restaurant and public house.


“When we were children we used to get thrown out the house every Saturday and we’d go to the pictures”

“My boyfriend was in the Royal engineers and his friend set off a fire work on the back seats, all the lights went on in Kensington”


“I met wife in the pictures. But before that I remember talking another girl on a date and left her on her own in  the Kensington Picturedrome”

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Cinemas - Kensington - Picturedrome


One thought on “Kensington”

  1. My Mum, Dad and me went every Saturday night to the “Kenny’. We always sat in the same 9d seats regardless of what was showing. A “big ” film , a “short’ and the news.


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