Grosvenor Picture House – Stanley Road

The purpose built cinema is just 2 miles out of the city centre.  It had three separate entrances leading the audience to the stadium- type auditorium, with seating for 1,040 patrons. The rear rows were steeped and the projection room lived above the last 3 rows.

The Grosvenor was advertised as the most up- to-date cinema. Opening it’s doors on 14th August 1922.  The cinema celebrated Jazz bands, feature films as well as comedies and the latest news with admission fees 5d – 9d.

The Cinema changed hands in 1933 and again in 1938 and was now being run by Southan Morris who ran it for a further 16 years. In 1954 it changed ownership again this time to Essoldo.

CinemaScope arrived on 2nd May 1955 with Demetrius and the Gladiators, starring Victor Mature.  This helped improve the bookings at the Grosvenor as CinemaScope films were not generally booked by the major circuits.  Surviving for another 8 years before it was converted into a Bingo Hall like most of the other Essoldo’s.

The last film to be shown here was on 31st August 1963 when Warrior Empress, featuring Kerwin Matthews, supported by the Wackiest Ship in the Army, starring Jack Lemmon, were shown.

The building was acquired in 1995 by Coyne Bros, for weddings and funerals.

Cinemas - Kirkdale - Grosvenor






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