Norris Green

Regal – Broadway

The Regal Cinema opened 27th January 1930 huge crowds attended, with hundreds unable to gain admission. This was the first cinema in Liverpool specially built for the talkies, it was also the largest stadium-type cinema with 1,756 seats and was the only cinema in an area with a population of about 7,000.

The simple dignified design complimented the surrounding properties. The decoration throughout the Regal was atmospheric, depicting the lakeland and mountain scenery each with a  panoramic view illuminated with floodlights.  The auditorium was on one floor and measured 126′ by 76′, to overcome the site lines the floor was raked in two sections, stepped about 2ft in the centre ensuring a clear view for all. After a successful opening the cinema continued with good attendance even though other cinema’s opened nearby.

In1955 the installation of the CinemaScope films came to the Regal but on 6th August of that year, the cinema was closed for a £20,000 modernisation with a complete restyling of the auditorium and foyer, and fitted with the latest tip-up seating, furnishings and equipment. Due to the restyling the capacity was reduced by over 500, but now offered a greater comfort for patrons.

With the reopening on 10th October 1955, with guest Billy Liddle, captain of Liverpool FC.  Double feature performances followed from 2pm to 10/30pm, of Such Men are Dangerous starring Kirk Douglas and Circle of Fear starring Charles Starrett.  The improvements led to increased attendances for a time however by 1963 low attendances meant an experiment with Bingo, this proved a success and so the last picture show was on 10th October 1964 with Carry On Spying and Who was Maddox.

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Cinemas - Norris Green - Regal

Ritz – Utting Avenue

History to follow shortly

Cinema - Ritz - Norris Green


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