Orrell Park

Carlton – Moss Lane

Specially designed for the perfect reproduction of sound films it was described as one of the finest halls in 1930.

The auditorium was large with seating for 1,550 patrons it was unique in it’s design and with perfect vision of the screen for all.Seating for the stalls was 970 and for the balcony 580.   It was stated that the lighting for the auditorium was of original design too with attention being paid to the illuminated ‘sunbursts’ fittings on the wall and the lighting effects on the ceiling domes.

The proscenium was 38ft wide and offered a stage with dressing rooms, however there is no evidence to suggest they were ever used.

The projection room was equipped with Kalee projectiors and Western Electric sound system.

The Carlton Cinema was favorite not only for it’s local residents but also with the surrounding areas of Orrell Park too. It opened on 1st September 1930 The Cohens & Kelly in Scotland starring, Charlie Murray and from then on with daily matinees at 3.00pm and twice nightly at 6.30pm and 8.40pm.

Admission prices 6d to 1/3d and in 1947 a price rise to 9d and 1/9d.

CinemaScope was installed on 6th February 1955 and as with most cinemas was a decline in admissions.  With the inevitable closing of this cinema on 2nd February 1974 it was converted into a bingo hall.

Take a look at the Flickr album;
Cinemas - Orrell Park - Carlton


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