Chris Bernard – Director

Chris Bernard

Could talk forever about the cinema palaces he grew up with, talking about them invokes so much.  It was his mother’s influencing words that lead him to become a director and producer. He is best known for Letter to Brezhnev (1985) and Shooting Stars (1990).  Chris has directed eight films since 1985.

He was born and raised in Liverpool and started his professional career in the theatre.

Always a maverick he in 1977 developed an old warehouse, in Matthew Street, the heart of Liverpool city centre, into a theatre venue.
Also a founder member and Company Manager of the acclaimed Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool which went onto to open the Royal Theatre


Chris remembers his cinema-going days with a passion, and best remembers the time he saw The Sound of Music 11 times consecutively,  he knows it so well you could stop the film anywhere and he will tell you what comes next. I kid you not.


“I could talk forever about the cinemas, memory is a very strange thing”

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Chris Bernard - Director