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Cohiba’s successful proposal “Picture Palace”, funded by Heritage Lottery, All Our Stories, gave Kim Ryan (Creative Director) a mission of nostalgia. Collecting stories, images and sentimental keepsakes from the days of the Silver Screen, she could then put together a wonderful, online “one-stop-shop” of Liverpool Picture Palace, a place to archive these forgotten findings.

Kim visited local communities groups to discover the cinema projectionists of the day. She sought out the only living cinema organist in Liverpool and traveled to Northwich to meet with the original owner of the Woolton cinema to hear the experiences and stories they had to share.

Then went on to meet celebrities, directors, writers and everybody in-between who had something to tell about the magical cinema-going era. After so many cups of teas and bourbon biscuits, Kim had uncovered a rich treasure trove of Liverpool’s cinema history.

Reel Heroes – Meet the Liverpool Projectionists of the Golden Years


The City Of Progress – Liverpool – 1935 Black and White film footage

The website is a living archive, we would love to hear your tales!
If you have any cinema memories you would like to share, visit our cinema pages and leave your story!


Contact us via our facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/PicturePalace.org  – email: picturepalaceliverpool@yahoo.co.uk

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