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Age Concern

Tom Hough, staff and members of the centre took our team on a walk down the aisles of the cinamas of yesteryear.

We didn’t need a red carpet – we were all stars.

And in our imaginations we rubbed shoulders with : Shirley Temple in her singing and dancing roles ; George Raft in gangster mood; Dirk Bogarde the coolest matinee idol and Vivien Leigh, a southern belle the temptress in the most famous love story of all time, Gone with the Wind. In our minds – no matter our age – we can all re-wind our own memories of the silver screen.

The cinemas of the past created a living archive that we can all treasure and share as have the following film fans with their magical tales of an era gone – but now, thanks to Picture Palace – never forgotten.

Their shared memories and stories are found amongst the many cinema pages.


The ABC Saturday matinee song

“The thrill of the cinema was so exciting” “I went every single night to a different cinema but to the Abbey of a Sunday afternoon”
“I liked art house movies and sometimes you’d get a cup of tea and a biscuits”


“We were always in the cinema we went a lot in wartime too –
In Huyton we always used to get the cheap seats 1/9d they were”

“We’d see a a short film, a cartoon, news, feature and advertisements. Loads of kids used to go in those days. I loved Shirley Temple. You’d never see an advertisement for a sanitary towels or having a vaginal enhancement in those days.

Dave Furlong – Mini Bus Driver for Age Concern

We used to have brilliant time. We’d watch Cowboys and Indians

We used to go to Cabbage Hall on a Saturday morning, it was twopence to get in

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The ABC Saturday matinee song